SI Mooncake 2023 - The Artistic Performance of Architecture and Melody

A magnificent performance is being crafted by SI Mooncake 2023, which combines the art of architecture and sounds of the moon.

Starting with the grandiose setting of the Indochine-style theater - a tasteful fusion of Vietnam's ancient charm and France's exquisite romance.

Following up with the luxurious architecture, let's immerse yourself in the Melody of the Moon (Mélodie Lunaire), as the symphony of Autumn rise at the center of a grand concert hall.

During this Mid-autumn festival 2023, let the enchanting melodies of SI Mooncake help perfecting your reunite moment with your loved ones.

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Gia Hoa Box brings a luxurious experience, full of emotions, is a wish for the lunar season of reunion, peace, gentleness and warmth.

METARIALS Premium Art Paper
INCLUSION 6 flavors of mooncakes, 2 boxes of premium tea
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Nghe Hy Box This extremely rare SI Mooncake edition is made entirely of traditional lacquer and is only available in 100 unique boxes, each of which is personalized with the owner's name or a unique number.

METARIALS Traditional Handcrafted Lacquer
INCLUSION 6 flavors of mooncakes, 2 boxes of premium tea, 1 silk scarf, 1 bronze plate engraved with numbers or names



Please kindly provide accurate information. SI Mooncake will contact you within 8 working hours to provide consultation and confirm your order.

We sincerely thank you for choosing SI Mooncake.



Size: 55x35mm (dxt) Net weight: 100g

SI Mooncake has been censored and licensed for food hygiene and safety according to state regulations, so you can totally cherish the full Moon season.

At room temperature, fresh cakes without using preservatives have an expiration date of 20 to 25 days. The cake must store in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

SI Mooncake does not sell cakes and boxes separately, only full packages. We do not support cake flavor change. Cake boxes will automatically be delivered with all 6 flavors of cake mixes.

Shopping online:
  • Option 1: Inbox SI Cuisine & Mixology fanpage
  • Option 2: Contact via hotline 0903031818
  • Option 3: Leave contact information at our website
Direct purchase: Welcome to SI Cuisine & Mixology at 18 Hang Bai, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi (Order and deliver time from 8:00 to 21:30)

SI Mooncake offers nationwide delivery from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with options for immediate or express delivery based on the demands of the consumer. Delivery time is 1-3 days for customers in the province, and within the day (or 1 day) for customers in the city.

Shipping fee depends on the address & quantity of cake boxes ordered (size, weight of the package). SI Mooncake ensures market-competitive shipping fees.

SI Mooncake is committed to serving you with a 1-for-1 warranty if the product has a manufacturer defect or is damaged during shipping.

If required, SI can help customers in writing greeting cards and hand-delivering cakes as gifts without any additional fee.

SI Mooncake offers a discount for orders of 30 boxes or more. For additional information, please contact SI Cuisine & Mixology fanpage or our hotline.

SI Mooncake is committed to serving you with a 1-for-1 warranty if the product has a manufacturer defect or is damaged during shipping. For large orders, each box will be thoroughly inspected individually, and SI Mooncake does not accept exchanges for the entire batch.

Depending on the situation, SI Mooncake can provide sample tasting for customers and businesses. If you are in Hanoi, we can arrange a tasting appointment at SI Cuisine & Mixology, located at 18 Hang Bai.

If you order in bulk, your order will be delivered within 3-7 days of signing the contract, depending on the delivery address.

In case your business already has a customer list for receiving mooncakes, SI can provide direct delivery to each customer. Your business will only need to pay an additional separate shipping fee for each order.

SI provides a value-added tax invoice (VAT 8%) upon request

The collaborators/sales agents will receive a discount according to the general regulations of SI depending on the sales volume.

For more information, please contact SI Cuisine & Mixology fanpage or hotline